Oil spill conference Nigeria(OSCN) cordially invites all the members of International Spill Control Organization(ISCO) to attend 6th edition of its conference holding in Abuja, Nigeria to deliberate interactively and holistically on how to solve myriads of oil spill problems that have led to severe environmental degradation with its concomitant destruction of arable land/fishing industry, marine life, and threat to life, safety and health of the people living in the oil producing areas of the Niger Delta, Nigeria.

We call on international responsive community and control organizations to assist through their participation of this conference with ideas and strategies to prevent, mitigate, clean up and restore the badly-damaged eco-system of the affected and spill vulnerable areas of Nigeria.

According to United Nations Enviromental Program (UNEP) report on Ogoni Land, a smaill fraction of the affected areas, the clean up and remediation will take between 23 - 30 years for restoration. Also reported that an average of 40 people are buried in Ogoni Land every month as a result of hydrocarbon contamination of drinking water in the area. That's a catastrophic!!!


To discuss oil pollution holistically, its effects, degradation of the environment and how to restore the damaged areas and compensate victims of the spills in Nigeria.

To promote and enhance United Nations Millennium Development Goal for environmental sustainability.

To expose the participants and stakeholders in the oil industry to the need for all concerned and the government to reposition the oil companies in achieving their corporate social responsibilities of ensuring adequate protection and safety of the people in the communities where they operate.

Specifically, the conference is designed to sensitize the public on the evil side of the "big oil" in the environment and how to control and manage it.

To empower the participants with expanded knowledge in oil spill effects, clean up, remediation / restoration and enhance capacity building in compensation management.

To propagate oil spill information flow in the Oil and Gas industry.

To enhance security, health and safety of lives and properties.

To promote environmental education.

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